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Buying a Home : Affordability Trends Talk with Nik Boone w/ Ascend Real Estate

November 30, 2018

Buying a home is the main motive behind consumers wanting to improve their credit score. As an Extra Credit Show listener it's highly likely the motive behind you wanting to master your credit score is tied to an end goal of homeownership.

In this episode we cover a few first time homebuyer programs available to consumers, and Nik shares his experiences in the real estate buying process.  We also discuss how credit impacts your ability to rent a home, which is a fantastic look into the decision making process of tenant screening. We even learn several new things ourselves!

Nik Boone owns Ascend Real Estate, a local property management and real estate sales company. Due to his company handling both rentals and sales, he brings an insightful perspective in both buying and renting real estate.

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