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Credit Repair Winner Announced! & Consumer Goes After Equifax and Navient

December 14, 2018

We have interviewed everyone who has shared their story with us regarding the free credit repair program we want to give away. The chosen extra credit listener is announced!

Also - A consumer has filed a lawsuit against Equifax and Navient Solutions alleging a disregard for accurate reporting his loan performance. The consumer says they have tried repeatedly to dispute and validate the incorrect credit reporting information but has had no luck.

According to the complaint the consumer had 13 separate loans with Navient and they were paid off in full in July 2016.

After the loans were paid off, both Experian and TransUnion both correctly reflected the loan status. The suit says, “Equifax failed to update Plaintiff’s accounts to reflect the payoff and closure of the accounts and instead continued to list each of the accounts as open and with a monthly payment amount and/or a balance.” 

We breakdown the merit of the lawsuit and discuss how this consumer was injured...or not injured based on the allegations!

Check it out!!


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