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Life after Credit Repair: How to care for your credit longterm

October 5, 2018

Credit Repair should not last forever. Actually it should really only be 3-6 months, and in some rare cases it can go longer than 6 months. The habits and actions you take after the credit repair process is over are extremely important to make sure you don't "come back" or become a "repeat client" of a credit repair company.

In this episode we break down and discuss common issues that we have seen our clients commit after they finished our program. The focus of the episode is to discuss how to continue to maintain your credit after you've completed a credit repair program.

Myths we breakdown:

How to manage your credit cards every month. Do you pay them off every month? Do you have to carry balances every month to show activity? Do you keep them at 30%? (No, no, and NO)

Do you need to keep all your accounts opened?

What is the IDEAL amount of credit cards to have open? 

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